Requiem For a Dream: RIP (Republic In Pieces) America


Today was a sad day in the history of nations. The bastion of freedom in the world, the United States of America, for over two centuries a Democratic Federalist Constitutional Republic, is now in tatters. It has fallen to enemies both foreign and domestic, but it was the domestic enemies who dealt its death blow.

The “Democratic” pillar was toppled in the lead up to the November 3 election. It doesn’t matter how you vote in the US, your votes don’t matter anymore when votes can be shifted digitally in the tens of thousands or created physically and attributed to people who are dead, out-of-state, or simply don’t exist. Sure, you might have ended up with what you wanted THIS TIME if you voted for Biden, but in such a system, your vote is meaningless, just a facade.

The “Federalist” pillar has been torn down through rogue state and county executives changing rules for elections and ignoring state statutes and constitutions. In a final blow to federalism, the US Congress certified the fraudulent and illegal election results from the various states. Welcome back to the “Wild West”. Every man will do what is right for themselves among the states.

The “Constitutional” pillar has been dismantled systematically. The US Constitution is a contract between the states. Over many years, this has faced a slow erosion of reinterpretation and unconstitutional statutes. In the last election, it was completely terminated by SCOTUS. When Texas brought a lawsuit because the constitutional rights of that state and its constituents was diminished by the fraud perpetuated in other states, SCOTUS denied hearing the case, effectively ending the equal protection granted by the constitution to all citizens and states.

The “Republic” pillar has been the most hated over time and was today completely suspended. America is now an aristocracy. Among the aristocratic class of elites, lobbyists, politicians and administrative state are oligarchs – leaders in Sinister Seven of Big Banking, Big Business, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Media, Big Entertainment and the Military Industrial Complex. For the last year, a plandemic that has crippled the working class has only enriched many of these power players and furthered their power. This has been unleashed in a massive way through the election season, installing a dementia-ridden pervert as a globalist-owned puppet for their consolidation of control and demonising the only person who had stood up to them in decades as well as his supporters.

The former Democratic Federalist Constitutional Republic of the United States of America passed away in the early hours of January 7, 2021 (local time) at age 245. She was pronounced dead by Vice President Mike Pence. Pence chose to euthanise the United States rather than resuscitate her for another four years and will be remembered in infamy for his act of perfidy.

It is now confirmed that during a peaceful protest against election fraud, agent provocateurs infiltrated the ranks of passionate Patriots and stormed the US Capitol building. While a small fraction of the hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters present in DC did get caught up in this charge, they do not reflect on the entire movement. After almost a year of condoning rioting, looting and murder by leftist ANTIFA and BLM terrorists as “peaceful protests”, the media all of a sudden found they didn’t like protests of any kind once more. In the clashes it is reported that four people died, including one 14-year Air Force veteran, Ashli Babbitt, executed with a shot through the neck by indiscriminate fire from Capitol Police. Months ago, BLM and ANTIFA terrorists set DC on fire and over a year ago, leftist activists occupied much of the Capitol building to protest the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh amidst encouragement by media and the permanent political class alike.

Through the events of January 6, 2021, what was thought to have been a desperate gasping for air and a cry for resuscitation became instead a death rattle. The United States of America is survived by its spouse, Lady Liberty. Lady Liberty is also at an advanced age and is not expected to long survive the death of her husband. Already Big Tech has taken the opportunity to suspend the Twitter account of the President of the United States and countless supporters. This is the beginning of troubles for those who love freedom. The plandemic gave petty tyrants a lust for power. Now they have removed the most libertarian President in history, they will only be emboldened.

Where do I think this is heading? It’s uncharted territory. What happens when the USA becomes the USSA? I can only offer some suggestions from history and Bible prophecy. History tells us that when other nations have been taken over by colour revolutions (that is exactly what has been staged over the last year in the US, look it up) they have rapidly turned towards taking freedoms away and consolidating power. This is already apparent from the people President-Reject Biden have chosen for his illegitimate Cabinet. It is a veritable cornucopia of lobbyists and corporate and political insiders.

There will be an urgent attempt to undo the last four years by this new Totalitarianism. Not just policy wise. Yes, they will jam through legislation to undo as much as they can from the Trump administration. There will be massive use of executive order. But more than this, the combination of the Sinister Seven together with Government will persecute and prosecute Trump and any supporter they can find. They will justify it by the events of the last 24 hours. After spending months gaslighting riots as “peaceful protests” and excusing BLM (Burn, Loot, Murder) because it was “their team”, they will now tell you that the handful of people that entered the People’s House were the worst kind of terrorists (except if the ANTIFA operatives are exposed) and that protests are now bad. They will use every tool available to them. They did it during Trump’s Presidency with phoney impeachments and investigative misconduct. Biden promised a “dark winter” and that is what we have seen and will continue to see. I wouldn’t expect Biden to last out his term. He will probably either resign or be taken out by the 25th Amendment to make way for Kamala Harris.

The future for Trump is uncertain. I doubt he will try to run again. He won in a landslide this time and they took it off him. If I were to make some predictions it would be that he and any supporters he has left (such as possibly Mercer family, Sheldon Adelson, etc) will begin a cultural takeback that would make Andrew Breitbart truly proud, starting with News Media. Breitbart News joined Faux News in caving to the fraud and rejecting their base. There has been talk of boosting an existing Conservative Channel (OANN or Newsmax) or buying a hostile channel (CNN) or starting something new. Time will tell what is done, but expect something along these lines.

On the way out, my wish would be that Trump declassifies EVERYTHING. Just EVERYTHING. At least as far back as the Warren Commission. Pardons aplenty, including blanket pardons for himself and all supporters to protect against coming retaliation. Pardons for Assange and Snowden as well, because why the hell not!

Because there will be low trust in big elections, expect a movement to take back smaller trophies – County level, state legislatures, heck even school boards. This will especially need to happen in red states to avoid any going the way of Arizona and Georgia. You will see the red get redder and the purple and blue get bluer. In fact, we’re going to e
nter the most divided time in history. You thought the time of Trump’s presidency was divided. You haven’t seen anything. What do you expect when the country will be divided into two social media platforms according to ideology. Anyone expressing wrongthink will be ejected from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. They will find homes on Gab, Parler, Rumble, etc. Everyone will be speaking in echochambers.

Could there be Civil War? Possibly. Push people too far and anything is possible. People are already crushed from lockdowns in places like Commifornia. Imagine what that will be like when it’s taken national? What about when Trump supporters are threatened and prosecuted? There will be a breaking point. What that will result in is unknown for now. Racism will run rampant, but not against “People of Colour”. This will be a hatred against any non-woke White people.

The United States is found in Bible Prophecy as a beast with lamb-like horns that eventually speaks as a Dragon. The lamb-like horns were the principles of Protestantism and Republicanism. These are now dead. The “Dragon” in question is the one found in Revelation 12 representing both Satan and the Roman Empire after the fall of the Republic. It was a totalitarian power not unlike today’s leftist ideology. We’re going to see a lot more Dragon-speak from America as it embraces this nature.

These are times to turn to God. Remember, this world is not our home. That isn’t to say that we should rejoice. Suffering will come to many who don’t have hope in God. That is why I started making these posts. Even though I know America’s future and that these things must come to pass before Jesus returns, it was still important to stand for Truth, Justice and the American Way. Now that these lie in ruin, the path for witnessing for Christ has become a lot harder, but more urgent. I will pivot to this type of sharing in the future, with less of a focus on politics.

I would encourage people to do what they can to preserve liberty as long as possible. Keep the faith and look heavenward. America was a shining achievement, but it pales in comparison to Heaven, the TRUE land of the free and the home of the brave. Goodbye America. My personal appreciation goes out for Trump for standing so courageously amidst relentless attacks by the Sinister Seven.

(In case some pathetic individuals out there think I’m just promoting a tin-foil hat theory regarding the ANTIFA infiltrators, internet sleuths have identified known ANTIFA agents from across the country by comparing tattoos and other identifying marks. Some people should be ashamed of themselves.)