Daniel and Revelation

Articles and Studies on Daniel and Revelation

Contextual Hermeneutics (Principles of Interpretation)- by Tim Roosenberg

Daniel 11 Prophecy-2018 Conference and Video Presentations

Daniel 11 Prophecy-2019 Conference Papers and Video Presentations

Daniel 11 Prophecy-2020 Conference Papers

Daniel 11-12 Interlinear Interpretation – by Dr. James Z. Said 

Differences in Doctrinal Views Held by Uriah Smith and James White (King of the North) – Prepared by Arthur L. White

Eastern Question | Is the King of the North in Daniel 11:40-45 | The Turks or the Papacy? – by Elder James S. White

The Great Prophecies of Daniel & Revelation-Study Notes by Pastor Stephen Bohr

Navigating the Ships of Kittim-Type and Antitype in the Apocalypses of Balaam and Daniel – by Brendan Valiant

Nebuchadnezzar’s Image-by Prophecy Waymarks Publications

Revelation’s Seven Seals by Secrets Unsealed

Revelation’s Seven Seals: Studies in Revelation 4-8 – 2nd Expanded Edition by Secrets Unsealed

The Coming King of the North – by Ivor Myers

The King of the North at Jerusalem-God’s People Delivered-The Relationship Between Daniel 11: 45 and 12: 1. – by Louis F. WERE

Two Beast Become Friends – by Walter Veith (amazingdiscoveries.org)

The Broken Messiah-Prince of the Covenant: Hermeneutic Doorway between Type and Antitype in Prophetic History – by Brendan Valiant

The Mark of the Beast – by Walter Veith (amazingdiscoveries.org)

Thesis Antithesis Synthesis-When Two Enemies Become Friends – by Stephen Bohr

The “Times” of Daniel 11 – by Tim Roosenberg 6/2/13

The Truth concerning Mrs. E. G. White, Uriah Smith, and The King of The North by Louis Were

The Un-Manifestation of Antiochus IV Epiphanes in Daniel 11:1-22 – by Roy E. Gane

Why I Do Not Believe that Atheistic Communism is the King of the South – by Tim Roosenberg

Why-Michael Stands Up in Daniel 12 – by Ivor Myers

A history of interpretation and the confirmatory role of E. G. White by Dr. Alberto R. Treiyer