Reflection on the Election


This video below was published by Amazing Discoveries Africa on Youtube on November 12, 2020.

In the video below, Walter Veith and Martin Smith discuss the issues surrounding the 2020 U.S. presidential election between Trump and Biden and its implications within the frame work of biblical prophecy.

Veith offers some interesting perspective based on what he has been observing in this presidential election and lays out some scenarios, namely how the narrative may change under Biden presidency vs. Trump presidency within the prophetic purview.

The video also highlights how there’s been a shift in the (liberal) protestants’ surprising but growing endorsement for Biden and how the schism between the liberal Catholics verses the conservative Catholics, with each group’s differing political stance, may influence the religious landscape, not only within the U.S. but abroad.

Veith and Smith remains pretty neutral when it comes to politics and brings out some erroneously held prophetic views being propagated by both the liberals and the conservatives while setting forth biblical prophetic perspective within the context of the thesis, antithesis and synthesis of the main players (political liberals, political conservatives, and the Papacy) involved.

If you are a Seventh-day Adventist and are familiar with the church’s prophetic understanding, we know that the “synthesis” or the union/resolution of sorts that will take place when the “apostate protestants” will join hands with the state and Papal Rome in a joint effort to usher in a national Sunday law. But as to how this over-arching narrative will ultimately unfold in all of its particulars within the U.S. politics and how the current election and the new president will play their respective roles, may come not without some surprises.

The video certainly challenges the long held view by many Adventists that seem to think that the “apostate protestantism” will primarily come from the conservative evangelicals from the political right. It seems more plausible that it will be a bipartisan effort.

Below is a follow up video where Veith and Smith further discuss whether it matters who wins the USA presidential election when looking through the lens of prophecy. What is the sentiment of both candidates toward the Roman Catholic Church and especially toward her teachings, and how does that fit into the prophetic picture?

Veith: “Biden camp is just as religiously oriented as the other camp. We’re always inclined to think that that the trump campaign and the Trump camp is closer to the King of the North but in many respects, the Biden camp is closer than the trump camp because he mentioned the Catholic social doctrine exactly and the democratic party has a manifesto and a vision which is much closer to the Catholic social doctrine than is the Trump camp. So the King of the North sits in both and it doesn’t really matter who wins the ascendancy of the king of the north philosophy can just as well be in both parties. So, it doesn’t matter at all who wins the election. The issue of the prophecy will be fulfilled.”